A Bullet Proof Business Strategy

Businesses today face a host of challenges in a rapidly evolving world. It is important to be able to manoeuvre through a maze of challenges and complexities with flexible alacrity to ensure that they stay on top of the game.

Bullet Proof

Along with the business, complexity also grows and effective strategies need to be formulated at every step to be able to match the growth.  In a lesson from experience, the best and bullet proof business strategy that will give assured results and help any business grow by leaps and bounds is an investment of time, resources and money in people and by people, we mean the holy trinity of employees, vendors and customers.


Employees are the engines of an organisation and power its growth. A motivated workforce is an asset to organisational success since they are attached to the company and the brand emotionally. The key to motivation is empowerment and the underlying idea of offering genuine benefits and growth to employees, establishing a culture of accountability and the management living its values. Though money is a big motivation, people work for much more than cash.


Not all businesses are self sufficient to provide end-to-end products and services. So that means that some businesses are dependent on vendors to fulfil some of their requirements. While a lot of care goes into designing rigorous processes to choose a vendor, it is important to remember that a balance must be struck between cost and quality. Another key point to remember is that vendors need to be paid on time and treated fairly at all times. They are the invisible body parts of a human organisation and hence it is important that they are used effectively to write the writ of organisational success. Good vendors are a balance between cost and quality and must match the organisational culture and mindset to have synchronised steps of symbiotic growth and success.


Customers are in simple terms the lifeline of an organisation and the real owners of any business. It is vital for businesses to offer good value for money and at the same time offer endearing and aesthetic solutions and services. Customers drive the direction of growth. It does not mean that businesses must go out f the way to please customers. That is never going to happen in a practical world since people have different perceptions. Rather, the trick lies in educating customers about the services and products of a company, how it is going to be beneficial to them and fill the gaps in their needs and requirements.

The underlying principles of genuineness create a culture of human relationships than more than just formal, professional or businesslike. When thoughts resonate in unison, successful solutions are created in it lies the key to a better world.

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Branding a Business Story

Brands today have come to rule the lives of people. Everyone has a unique need and want and they look up to brands to fill that requirement and make them feel special. It a primal human need – one of security and emotional engagement and consciously or subconsciously, it happens all the time.

The important fact to remember is that key decision makers in any scenario are ultimately individuals and that means there is always a human element to things. The aspect of emotional engagement thus will play a role in influencing that decision and given this flow of thought, we can as well consider brands to be living entities.

bright ideas

A brand can thus be defined as the real soul of an organization formed by the collective goodwill of all related individuals. Powerful brands thus have a unique voice and that voice emotionally engages with people and moves them to take action. Brands are commonly confused to be ones that are tangible (e.g., a branded shoe or a branded toothpaste etc). But the real fact is that the spectrum covering the definition of what exactly a brand is, is much more broader, colorful and powerful.

Any company offering any service is actually a brand since it still plays an economic role and since this is the case, it directly or indirectly reaches and affects people. So be it manufacturing where the end consumer is able to handle a tangible product or a services industry wherein the interactions are more direct, the brand value plays a key role in perception. So this means that relationships make or break brands and this exactly is what is being projected as the key marketing idea of today.

The golden gospel is finally that brands must stay relevant, identify people’s needs and fill gaps rather than thrust solutions and force people to make a decision. In understanding and truth lie conviction and a profound cognitive perception. Real conviction arises from a deeper understanding and when people are absolutely convinced about certain values, ideas or services, they are willing to go the extra mile to obtain them. So the first step for brands will not only be to communicate their own values but to supply relevant, authentic and timely information or create content that actually makes people sit up and take note. This concept of staying relevant or of sitting up and taking note is what is called viral content and true to its name, is the key to spread value.

Viral content is something that may be visual, emotional or aural and there are specific examples for the same. The Gangnam style skyrocketed PsY’s populatrity and it gained mass due to its unique dance moves complemented by some fast music and gave the audiences the idea of breaking free from stereotypes. Other viral stories include cases where the NY policeman gifted shoes to a homeless individual or even chart busters in the music world or even fictional characters like James Bond. A lot of times, many leading brands piggy-back to gain traction and enhance visibility. One common example is Sony being associated with the Bond franchise. So this indirect marketing also resonates with the soul of a brand and communicates values and positions it for the required target segment of audiences.

So having good content or a smart plan is only half the story. The real talent lies in projecting the talent, capability and content and beaming the message to influence behavioral patterns and strike the emotions of the target audiences and make them relate and empathize with the brand. The other challenge for brands is to safeguard the trust that consumers have placed on the brand and continuously offer the highest quality and service to exceed the expectations of the audiences. That in the real world is smart branding and that is the real secret of branding the success story of any business.